Break-bulk shipping

What does break-bulk actually mean? The term ‘break-bulk’ refers to bulk goods stowed on board ship in individually counted units.

These individually counted bulk units cannot be stowed in containers because they exceed the dimensions or permitted weight of the container. Good examples of such bulk goods are big bags or pallets with cargo, and individual tree trunks.

See this YouTube video – schip Archimedes

Suitable vessels

Our members’ cargo vessels can be deployed flexibly for the various break-bulk shipments. There is also a lot of experience in this area of shipping within HVC and Den Breejen Bevrachtingen. Our Acquisition manager would be glad to help you find the solution!


Steel shipments, one of our fields of specialisation, are often also classed as break-bulk shipping. Are you curious about our specialism? Then go to our steel shipping page.

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