Agribulk shipping

What sort of goods actually fall under the category of agribulk shipping? 

This term includes all agricultural bulk goods that can be shipped, such as animal feed, grain and oil seeds.

Fertiliser, in the wider sense of the word, could also be considered an agribulk commodity. 

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Den Breejen Bevrachtingen

Since 2018, PTC has had a stake in Den Breejen Bevrachtingen BV to reinforce its position and to expand the range of cargoes it carries.  

Although Den Breejen is at home in all markets, its strength lies in its sound position as an inland waterway transport carrier of animal feed, even for customers on narrow shipping channels. 

Are you curious as to what we could mean for you? Then contact our Acquisition manager and/or the Den Breejen Bevrachtingen schedulers. 


GMP+ is the standard for the certification of quality-management systems in the animal feed industry, and guarantees the safety of animal feed.  

Shipment of these animal feeds also demands extra transactions, both on board and in the office, in order to safeguard quality and food safety in the chain.  

PTC, HVC and Den Breejen Bevrachtingen (DBB) are all GMP+ certified. Click on the button below to view the certificates in question. 

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