Connected Coil Carrier

What is the CCC? The Connected Coil Carrier is a modular roller gutter system developed by us, in partnership, which involves the use of an electric fork-lift truck that can lay down and clear up the recycled plastic gutters, upon which it is possible to transport steel coils of various sizes in a sustainable way. Watch our short film for a more in-depth explanation: 

A list of the benefits and savings offered by the CCC:  

  • No dunnage (planks and wedges used to secure the cargo) is required for stowing coils and rolls of steel wire. An average vessel once used 1 tree’s worth of wood to secure a cargo. 
  • Quicker handling when loading and unloading vessels and, as a result, greater capacity in the loading dock and unloading sites.
  • Fewer, or indeed no, stevedores or dockers required, i.e. greater safety during loading and unloading which, in turn, leads to lower personnel costs for the client and recipient. 
  • Less damage during loading, unloading and shipping, i.e. increased customer satisfaction.   

  • Less damage to the vessels, loading surface and hold 

  • Increased safety in relation to stowage and stability of the vessels. 

  • No dunnage (planks and wooden wedges) needed.

  • Multifunctionally deployable due to its internal storage system 


The ingenious design of the CCC means that wooden wedges and planks are a thing of the past, so dockers or stevedores can remain at a safe distance during loading and unloading of cargo. This reduces the risk of personal injury. 

And damage to coils can be kept to a minimum, as the coil rests in the gutter channel, so it becomes a single sturdy and stable whole. In the event of a collision, it has been shown that the coils sustain little or no impact and the entire CCC system, including the coils, remains in place.  

Distributing the coils over the CCC in the right way helps the stability and, as a result, the safety of the vessel as a whole. 

Sustainability/the Environment:  

The CCC (gutter) is made of recycled plastic and, as no dunnage needs to be used any more we save around 40 hectares of woodland per year, minimising our footprint. 


By using the CCC, rapid turnaround during vessel loading and unloading is a benefit enjoyed by customer and shipowner alike. No personnel is needed to stow the cargo with wooden wedges and planks. And, after unloading, no time is lost collecting the used planks and wedges for disposal. 


In addition, the system can be stored safely so the vessel is available to load a different product after a trip with a cargo of coil. This improves the availability of our fleet in terms of logistics; on the next trip, the hold will be available to carry raw materials or ore, for instance, to the following recipient. After unloading the bulk goods the hold is sprayed down and left clean, free from residue from the previous cargo, then the shipowner can lay out the CCC system once more. The vessel is again ready to receive a cargo of coil.