Construction raw-material shipping

Raw materials for construction include granulate that has been mechanically processed, perhaps broken or sifted, and are suitable for use in the construction industry. The shipment of raw materials for construction covers transportation of various sorts of crushed stone of differing dimensions, for use in hydrological engineering, road/rail engineering and/or house building. Think, for instance, of sand and gravel, limestone, basalt and granite, although this category increasingly includes a number of reclaimed raw materials. 

The Dutch and Belgian Meuse 

As our cargo vessels transport considerable quantities of freight on the Meuse, where it flows through the Netherlands and Belgium, combination of transport streams from the south and east of our area of operation back to the west is highly efficient and environmentally-friendly; we can make use of connecting transport to minimise trips with an empty hold. 

Multifunctional uses 

Some member vessels are equipped with a sand chute in the hold. Excess water can be pumped from wet sand using a sand chute, so a cargo of wet sand is also a good option for vessels of this kind. In fact, this makes the vessel suitable for multifunctional uses. 

Are you looking for a reliable transporter of raw materials for the construction industry? Then contact our Acquisition manager without commitment to discuss large cargoes for shipment, or ask HVC, which also has access to hopper barges, for a one-way trip.