Steel shipping

An old hand in the business!

PTC has now been in the business of steel shipping long enough to be considered an old hand. The co-operative has a very wide experience with shipment of steel of various kinds. From sheet steel to coils and rolls of wire in large quantities, all have been shipped by us in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. We ensure that we have the right number of vessels in the dimensions required on the route to be able to meet the desired shipping need in good time. 

Roller gutter system  

For instance, we developed the CCC (Connected Coil Carrier), a roller gutter system. Around 90% of our members have invested in the system and have installed it on board so that they can transport the heavy coils in an environmentally-friendly way. Want to know more about how the CCC works? Or perhaps whether it could be of benefit in the shipment of your products? Then visit our Connected Coil Carrier page